In order to access the Credit Reporting Service a monthly fee, as communicated at the time of your application, will be payable on a continuous payment authority or by Direct Debit to RS Data Tech Ltd. Depending on your bank, the description of our charge may vary on your statement. An initial payment at the time of application (if required) will be payable immediately and thereafter the monthly fee in the amount of £9.95 will be payable on the same day of each month as our original billing. Your card may also incur a pre-authorization charge in the amount of £0.00, £1.00 or an amount equal to your recurring monthly subscription price.


When you sign up and agree to be a Member of our services, you provide us with a continuous payment authority ("CPA") so that we can collect repayments automatically from your bank account using the debit card or the credit card that you nominate for this purpose (Please see below for further information concerning CPA) .

A member can cancel at any time in accordance with our "terms & conditions" located in the above paragraph or the link at the bottom of the said website with the link displaying refund policy.

The monthly Membership Fee is payable at sign up for the first month and will be automatically charged each month on Renewal by use of CPA.

If the attempt for the charge of the agreed upon Membership Fee at Renewal is unsuccessful we shall make immediate attempts on that day to contact you by phone, email and/or text message and find out why you have been unable to meet your Membership Fee obligations.

If we have been unable to determine a method for you to pay your membership fee we shall use "CPA" to make up to five (5) additional attempts for the full membership fee. For avoidance of doubt we will use commercially reasonable efforts to use the following schedule in an effort to allow you to fulfill your agreement to pay the membership fee for the services rendered :
- one attempt will be made on the day of sign up and on each month after sign up
- one attempt will be made on each of the four successive Fridays following the attempt set out in the previous bullet point.

Throughout the period referred to in the above paragraphs your access to the Service may be suspended pending receipt of the Membership Fee.

The attempts set out in the above paragraphs will continue until payment in full has been received, an alternative payment plan has been agreed or the limit of 5 further attempts has been reached at which point the Membership will be terminated.

To cancel this CPA you may contact your bank directly. Alternatively, you may ask us to cancel it by using the contact details found in the above paragraphs. Please be aware that if you do cancel you will still owe any outstanding Membership Fees as agreed and your access to the Service will be terminated. Cancellation of this CPA will be effective from the date that we receive such notification.

We may increase or decrease the Membership Fee on 30 days' notice on the Website and by notice by email or letter to the Member. If the Member does not agree with any such change, the Member may terminate this Agreement by calling us at 0161 250 3390 or by notifying us in writing at: Terminations, RS Data Tech, Ltd., 18 Hilton Street, Manchester M1 1FR (Parent company: RateSpecial Interactive, 46 Smith Alley, Suite #230, Pasadena, CA 91103). If you choose to mail in a cancellation, you may incur a charge if it falls outside of your trial period. We will provide refund accordingly with the date stamp of the postal letter.

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